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Re: Problems with ssh-host-config and /var/run directory

On 2017-05-25 13:24, Henning Peters wrote:
> I switched from 32bit to 64 bis a week ago, moved "cygwin" to "cygwin32" and
> reinstalled from scratch into a new "cygwin" directory.
> when trying to setup sshd using ssh-host-config, I get this message when
> using StrictModes (which I want to and did before on cygwin32 on this system):
> *** Warning: The owner and the Administrators need
> *** Warning: to have .w. permission to /var/run.
> *** Warning: Here are the current permissions and ACLS:
> *** Warning:     drwxrwxrwt+ 1 faroul root 0 May 19 20:56 /var/run
> *** Warning:     # file: /var/run
> *** Warning:     # owner: faroul
> *** Warning:     # group: root
> *** Warning:     # flags: --t
> *** Warning:     user::rwx
> *** Warning:     group::rwx
> *** Warning:     group:root:rwx
> *** Warning:     group:SYSTEM:rwx
> *** Warning:     mask:rwx
> *** Warning:     other:rwx
> *** Warning:     default:user::rwx
> *** Warning:     default:group::rwx
> *** Warning:     default:other:r-x
> *** Warning:
> *** Warning: Please change the user and/or group ownership,
> *** Warning: permissions, or ACLs of /var/run.
> *** ERROR: Problem with /var/run directory. Exiting.
> I tried a lot, but cannot find any solution.
> Any hints?

It's telling you that the Administrators group is missing write access.

Do you have a root id on your system or are you using passwd and group

You could either change group ownership from root to Administrators:
	$ chgrp -cR Administrators /var/run

and if your admin id is not faroul:
	$ chown -cR <adminid> /var/run

or, to add explicit Administrators group access, and default access to
files created, explicit admin id ACL and DACL, and others read and search:
	$ setfacl -m g:Administrators:rwx,d:g:Administrators:rwx,\
u:<adminid>:rwx,d:g:<adminid>:rwx,o::r-x /var/run

add Administrators and admin id to existing files:
	$ setfacl -m g:Administrators:rwx,u:<adminid>:rwx,\
o::r-x /var/run/*

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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