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Memcache/d (Orig: Re: Composer segfault on multiple configurations)

On 25/05/2017 08:50, Sky Diver wrote:
Since then I went back in time and installed PHP 5.5.9, PHP 5.6.20 but
the result is the same.
PHP 5.5.9, PHP 5.6.2 on Cygwin?
Were they even released on Cygwin?

So I might end up following your steps in order to build PHP, hoping I
could enable built-in memcache support while at it (Bash on Ubuntu on
Windows, for example, has memcache and memcached included out of the
Unfortunately, I think memcache is a separate package from php and it would not be compiled in by cygports.

From what I read memcache is rather unmaintained and should be deprecated. Memcached should be used instead.

Memcache can't really be compiled for php7. Memcached can be. Taking a quick look at memcached, the memcached server compiles fine on cygwin except for one minor printf statement. Libmemcached, which php-memcached relies upon, requires a little bit more work (it's that whole "undefined symbols in shared libraries" thing). You possibly may want to consider moving your code from memcache to memcached.

For most websites memcache/d is optional. If the website detects that memcache/d is not present during setup, it simply does not use it. Usually people just don't use it for development and then turn it on for production. That is unless you specifically want to run memcache/d code on Cygwin.

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