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Re: Apache rebase trouble

On Wed, 24 May 2017 01:56:55 +0200, Michael Enright <> wrote:

On Tue, May 23, 2017 at 3:59 PM, Michael Lemke wrote:

Lacking further clues I did the trial and error thing and removed some
stuff I thought I didn't need (like GNOME). Not sure yet what I broke but
my Apache is working again.  Thanks for the hint that the number of known
dlls could be a problem. I'd still appreciate more precise information
of how rebase works and if there is a more systematic approach.

The command rebase -is gives a list of the DLLs, their sizes and where
they are based.
The DLL size is in "field 5" as 'sort' recons fields, so
rebase -is | sort -k5 will dump the DLLs in size order.

Thank you. So if I take the first and last line of rebase's default output
the difference in the 3rd field tells me how much space is required,
correct?  In my cleaned up installation it is 879.5 MB.  Is it possible to
give a limit up to which this number may grow?  Exactly what memory/address
space is being reserved here?

On my system the last DLL in the output is an LLVM DLL which I believe
is used by the X server. A lot of the top DLLs appear to be related to
the X server, some of those are code-generation DLLs for the LLVM JIT
to use. The footprint of the X server seems large.

In my installation LLVM takes up a lot (and for some reason I have three
different versions installed - have to get rid of some) but the biggest
is qt4:

 orion> rebase -si | sort -k5 | tail
/usr/lib/cygswrAVX2.dll                                                                                                                   base 0x45290000 size 0x00c7c000
/usr/bin/cygLLVM-3.0.dll                                                                                                                  base 0x6e710000 size 0x00cab000
/usr/bin/cygavcodec-54.dll                                                                                                                base 0x5f710000 size 0x00d79000
/usr/bin/cygLLVM-3.4.dll                                                                                                                  base 0x6c310000 size 0x0116e000
/usr/bin/cygLLVM-3.1.dll                                                                                                                  base 0x6d480000 size 0x0128a000
/usr/bin/cygicudata56.dll                                                                                                                 base 0x58060000 size 0x017ed000
/usr/bin/cygicudata57.dll                                                                                                                 base 0x567d0000 size 0x01885000
/usr/bin/cygwebkitgtk-3.0-0.dll                                                                                                           base 0x49660000 size 0x01951000
/usr/bin/cygLLVM-3.8.dll                                                                                                                  base 0x6a810000 size 0x01af3000
/usr/bin/cygQtWebKit-4.dll                                                                                                                base 0x63810000 size 0x01eea000

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