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Re: Composer segfault on multiple configurations

On Mon, May 22, 2017 at 9:38 PM, Richard H Lee wrote:
> Just in case Sky Diver or anyone else is interested in compiling php from
> Cygports, here are some simple steps to do so.

Thanks Richard, I may try this at some point, but am currently
experiencing other instabilities.
For some reason, I started getting the message "Class 'Memcache' not
found" when running memcache-aware PHP code.
Since then I went back in time and installed PHP 5.5.9, PHP 5.6.20 but
the result is the same.
There's no php-memcache extension to install (on Ubuntu, for example,
that's the way to add it).
I'm pretty sure I didn't go through the "pecl install memcache"
process, and doing so now fails during compilation.

So I might end up following your steps in order to build PHP, hoping I
could enable built-in memcache support while at it (Bash on Ubuntu on
Windows, for example, has memcache and memcached included out of the

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