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Re: High cpu usage by at-spi-bus-launcher and xwin-xdg-menu

On 22/05/2017 14:39, miserable variable wrote:
I regularly see these two processes taking more that 25% CPU Time
each, as reported by ProcessExplorer.

This shouldn't be happening.

I have often terminated both not been able to notice any functionality
lost, but I am sure I am missing something.

I would expect killing xwin-xdg-menu to cause the X server to exit, and it's X applications menu to disappear from the notification area.

I'm not sure if you mean that doesn't happen, or it does but you don't notice?

Is there something in my setup causing this?

I have attached /var/log/XWin.0.log and output from cygcheck -s -v -r.
The latter is quite big and exceed maximum size for this list, I have
deleted lines matching 'missing.*python2' of which there were many to
stay within the limit.

Thanks.  This doesn't show any problems I can see.

You might also take a look at ~/.xsession-errors to see if that shows anything.

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