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Re: Apache rebase trouble

Greetings, Michael Lemke!

>> Michael Lemke writes:
>>> Now, how about an answer to my actual question?  How do I get the Apache/php
>>> dlls properly rebased?  For reference, here's the error again and so is the attached
>>> cygcheck.out.
>> How large is your UserVM?  You don't stand a snowflakes chance in hell
>> with 2GB with your package selection and I suspect you'd run into the
>> heap even with 3GB (I don't know if that's even possible to change on
>> XP).  You really need to reduce the number of packages you install if
>> you insist on staying on 32bit.  Most likely unrelated, but you also
>> need to sanitize your PATH, at least get rid of all the duplicates, but
>> better remove the WIndows stuff completely.

> Ok, starts to make some sense. Its a VM with 4GB configured with
> whatever XP takes of that.

Approx 3.6Gb address space, with at most 2Gb per single process allocation.

> I don't remember if I tought it the 3GB trick
> and also don't recall how to do it.

> Anyway, the way I understand the problem is you have to distribute all
> installed dlls such that they don't use the same memory region. This means
> you can have only so many dlls installed. So is there some better way than
> trial and error to see which dll is taking up the most space and if enough
> dlls were uninstalled? Would rebase tell me aything?

Just install only what you actually need.
Or switch to 64-bit, the situation there's a little bit better.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Wednesday, May 24, 2017 12:54:08

Sorry for my terrible english...

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