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Re: Apache rebase trouble

On Tue, May 23, 2017 at 3:59 PM, Michael Lemke wrote:
> Lacking further clues I did the trial and error thing and removed some
> stuff I thought I didn't need (like GNOME). Not sure yet what I broke but
> my Apache is working again.  Thanks for the hint that the number of known
> dlls could be a problem. I'd still appreciate more precise information
> of how rebase works and if there is a more systematic approach.

The command rebase -is gives a list of the DLLs, their sizes and where
they are based.
The DLL size is in "field 5" as 'sort' recons fields, so
rebase -is | sort -k5 will dump the DLLs in size order.
On my system the last DLL in the output is an LLVM DLL which I believe
is used by the X server. A lot of the top DLLs appear to be related to
the X server, some of those are code-generation DLLs for the LLVM JIT
to use. The footprint of the X server seems large.

I haven't updated Cygwin in some time so your results may differ.

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