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Re: Apache rebase trouble

On Tue, 23 May 2017 22:04:52 +0200, Achim Gratz <> wrote:

Michael Lemke writes:
Now, how about an answer to my actual question?  How do I get the Apache/php
dlls properly rebased?  For reference, here's the error again and so is the attached

How large is your UserVM?  You don't stand a snowflakes chance in hell
with 2GB with your package selection and I suspect you'd run into the
heap even with 3GB (I don't know if that's even possible to change on
XP).  You really need to reduce the number of packages you install if
you insist on staying on 32bit.  Most likely unrelated, but you also
need to sanitize your PATH, at least get rid of all the duplicates, but
better remove the WIndows stuff completely.

Ok, starts to make some sense. Its a VM with 4GB configured with
whatever XP takes of that. I don't remember if I tought it the 3GB trick
and also don't recall how to do it.

Anyway, the way I understand the problem is you have to distribute all
installed dlls such that they don't use the same memory region. This means
you can have only so many dlls installed. So is there some better way than
trial and error to see which dll is taking up the most space and if enough
dlls were uninstalled? Would rebase tell me aything?


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