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Re: How to get 'Normal' (or higher) version of (x86) vim?

On 2017-05-23, Frank Slootweg via cygwin wrote:
> I currently have vim version 8.0.596 from the (x64) package
> "vim-8.0.0596-1 - vim: Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor".
> 'vi --version' says:
> "VIM - Vi IMproved 8.0 (2016 Sep 12, compiled May 12 2017 11:38:40)
>  Included patches: 1-596
>  Modified by <>
>  Compiled by <>
>  Small version without GUI.  Features included (+) or not (-):"
> From other threads on this list, I understand that vim should at least
> be the 'Normal' version or even the 'Huge' version. Or is that only the
> case for the x86_64 package? (I have a 64-bit computer/OS (Windows 8.1),
> but - at least for the time being - I would like to keep Cygwin at x86.)
> I need some options which are in the 'Normal' version, but not in my
> current 'Small' version, specifically 'cryptv' and 'comments'
> Is there another or earlier package which I can install to get the
> 'Normal' (or higher) version of vim?

On Cygwin (32-bit version at least), vi is not vim.

    $ which vi
    $ cygcheck -f /usr/bin/vi

    $ which vim
    $ cygcheck -f /usr/bin/vim

If you want to get vim by typing vi, you can use an alias, e.g.,

    alias vi=vim


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