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Re: v1.7

On Tue, May 23, 2017 at 12:28:53AM +0000, Yamamoto, Anne B CIV PMRF N63 wrote:
> We are currently using v1.7 but it is no longer DADMS supported.  
> Would it be possible to get a vendor support statement email so that we may continue using this version?

Cygwin is open source software released under the LGPLv3.  Now that Red
Hat have stopped providing new Cygwin support contracts, I'm not aware
of anyone who counts as a "vendor" and who would sign up to provide any
particular contractual support for Cygwin.

Furthermore, Cygwin v1.7 stopped being current some time in 2015, and I
don't think even the voluntary support on these mailing lists would be
likely to give you much help with such an old version.

I'm not familiar with DADMS requirements for vendor support statements,
but a very quick search implies they may only apply to commercial
off-the-shelf software.  Depending on the precise definitions you're
using, I would expect Cygwin to not count as commercial, which may allow
you to continue to use Cygwin without a vendor support statement.

If that's not the case (and assuming none of the project maintainers
step up to say they're willing to provide such a vendor support
statement), I suspect Cygwin will not meet the requirements for you to
be able to continue using it.


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