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xwin-xdg-menu terminal not picking up my environment

The xwin-xdg-menu's terminal does not seem to pick up the environment
variables I have set in my home directory when I use it's terminal to run
a non-x program from /bin. i.e. I added Midnight Commander to the
xwin-xdg-menu (using alacarte)  seting /bin/mc as the executable and check
the "run in terminal?" box. I prefer to use joe or nano as the editor in
mc and have turned off mc's internal editor which picks up the editor in
the "EDITOR" environment variable which I set in ~/.bashrc (I also tried
setting it in ~/.bash_profile and ~/.profile). Mc comes up with vi (which
is the default in mc if no "EDITOR" environment variable is set). I can
run an XTerm from the xwin-xdg-menu and then launch mc from that and it
honors the "EDITOR" environment variable.

By the way if I shell out (Ctrl-O) from mc and execute "env" the "EDITOR"
variable shows up in the list. Weird. So where does xwin-xdg-menu's
terminal get it's environment from?

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