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Re: crash on environment name beginning with non-ASCII char (64 bit)

On Sat, 20 May 2017 22:04:21, Thomas Wolff wrote:
If an environment variable is set in the Windows environment that has a name beginning with a non-ASCII character (e.g. "äx", value "test"),
initialising the 64-bit cygwin dll fails:
*** fatal error - internal error reading the windows environment - too many environment variables? No problem with the 32-bit dll. Also 64-bit works e.g. with a variable name of "aäx".

At first I assumed this was the ongoing ReadLine problem:

in which case I would ask you to see if the problem persists with Dash, or if it
is exclusive to Bash. However I am not able to repro your issue. I tried it in
pristine Windows 7 virtual machine with:

- Cygwin desktop shortcut
- Cygwin.bat
- Directory\Background\shell reg key

However, even though I cannot repro this, it still seems like a ReadLine issue,
as it seems too similar to a similar problem I am having to be a coincidence:

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