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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 2.7.7

I have uploaded mintty 2.7.7 with the following changes:

Font rendering and display handling
* Automatically disabling Uniscribe for ASCII-only chunks (mintty/wsltty#36). * Fixed bidi display while showing other screen with Bidi=1 (#592, ~#392, ~#605).

Window handling
  * Avoid being pushed behind other windows on Ctrl+TAB (#652).
  * Tweaks to stabilize initial window geometry (#629, #649).
  * Fixed broken size parameters maxwidth/maxheight.

Terminal handling
  * Option NoAltScreen disables the alternate screen (~#652).
  * Fixed delayed scroll marker highlighting (#569).
  * Manual: link to Wiki about console issues / winpty wrapper (#650).

* New option --configdir for config file and resource folders (mintty/winpty#30, mintty/winpty#40, mintty/winpty#38). * Always save to config file specified with -c/--config or --configdir (mintty/winpty#30, ~mintty/winpty#40). * Options: offer resources from subdirectories of all config directories (#639, #30, ~#38). * Configuration resource subdirectories are created as needed (#30, #38, ~#639).

  * Fixed cleanup of environment variables after user command (#654).
  * Fixed usage of /tmp or (if read-only) alternatives (mintty/wsltty#30).
  * Wiki: removed link to buggy themes (#647).

The homepage is at
It also links to the issue tracker.


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