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SSH Keys breaking symlink access?


I am running Cygwin-64, 2.8.0(0.309/5/3) on a Windows 2016 Server. This sys= tem is intended for use by a fairly wide audience of devs. We have this wor= king correctly on an old Windows 2008 box running Cygwin 1.7.9(0.237/5/3). = The new system is intended to replace the old one. I've mimicked the config= uration as much possible on the new system, but am running into an issue wi= th passwordless (key-auth) ssh.

I have created a windows symlink ("mklink /d /sharename [unc_path]") in the=
 c:\cygwin64 directory that points to an NFS share. (This is the same as th= e old system.)

I have OpenSSH configured and working.

I can access "/sharename" within explorer (c:\cygwin64\sharename\) and loca= lly from within the Cygwin prompt (/sharename), when logged in as either th= e service account or my own domain account.

If I ssh into the system using password authentication, I am able to "ls /s= harename" regardless of which account I use, in either interactive mode or = not.

If I copy ~/.ssh/ to the server for the service account, I can get into /sh= arename.

But if I copy ~/.ssh/ for my own domain account, I cannot. I get a "permiss= ion denied" error when attempting to cd to /sharename or do an ls of it. Th= is is true whether I ssh into the system interactively, or execute the comm= and remotely / non-interactively.

On the old system, "ls -la /" shows the link owned by the service account u= ser. On the new system, it was initially owned by "Administrators" but I ch= anged it to match. This did not change behavior. I've diffed the other Cygw= in config files and except for a couple minor tweaks due to the newer Cygwi= n version, there are no differences.

/var/log/sshd.log shows nothing.

Any help or troubleshooting tips would be appreciated. I'm not so hot as a = Windows admin - without dmesg or a syslog, I'm kind of at a loss. I don't really understand why ssh key auth would interfere with file system or network access in this way.

Dave P.

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