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Re: setup 2.878 only processes one site

On 18/05/2017 18:04, David Rothenberger wrote:
Jon Turney wrote:
On 17/05/2017 21:45, David Rothenberger wrote:
Jon Turney wrote:
On 17/05/2017 18:06, David Rothenberger wrote:
Jon Turney wrote:
On 17/05/17 00:14, David Rothenberger wrote:
When I use the new Direct Connection option in setup 2.878, it
that setup only downloads the setup.xz file from one of the three
I have selected.

Something which might give this impression is that setup will now
cache setup.xz, and only download it if it has changed.

I think you nailed it. I tried again this morning and the first time I
ran setup, it did contact our local site, but it did not on subsequent
runs (even to see if the file has changed). I then modified our web

This would be very bad, if true.  Are you sure that we aren't
contacting the server at all? (such requests might not be logged in
some configurations)

Yes, I'm sure. I verified our web server logs requests with the
If-Modified-Since header. Also, I used wireshark to confirm there was no
request at all to our web server.

Hmm... In my testing I saw requests with If-Modified-Since: and
If-None-Match: headers being sent and a 304 Not Modified response
being sent.

I added INTERNET_FLAG_RESYNCHRONIZE, which looks like it might be
needed to do the right thing if the server doesn't send an ETag
header, and made another build.

My server does send the ETag header. I'm using Apache 2.4.

Well, I still don't know what's going on, then. :)

fwiw, I did some testing with an apache configured with 'FileETag None' and saw the the behaviour you described (doesn't even contact the server), so this flag is definitely needed.

Perhaps you could try that and see if it improves things?

The problem is indeed fixed with these builds. Thanks!

Great.  Thanks for testing.  I'll do a 2.879 with those changes.

And thank you for drawing attention to this problem. I looks like it's probably existed since forever in ""Use Internet Explorer Proxy Settings" mode.

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