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Re: Building modules for perl-5.24

Ken Brown writes:
> I'd like to build test releases for perl-5.24 of the perl modules
> needed by biber, so that I can upgrade biber (as a test release).  I
> don't mind doing the work, but I imagine you have a script that
> simplifies the process.  (Presumably you have to build and install the
> prerequisites for a module before you can build the module.)  Can you
> make that script available to me?

I have built all modules for testing perl-5.24, but not saved them away
at the time.  There were no changes needed to the cygport files, so you
could use those from the source packages or you'll let me know what
modules you need and I can package up the cygport and any patches for
those.  Are there any new dependencies not yet in Cygwin?

Note that perl-5.26-RC1 is out now.  I'm currently waiting for RC2
(there were a few things not quite right in RC1) and if that's OK on
Cygwin I'll most likely skip releasing perl-5.24.

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