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Re: CygwinX Intermittent Hangs

On 17/05/2017 15:39, LNX1 wrote:
I have an issue I think with Cygwin/X server freezing
intermittently. I have looked at the log file but can not see
anything printed as error or higher level message.

For example when I launch an Xterm from local windows system
(Xapplications Menu --> SystemTools --> Xterm), it works fine but
when I launch another Xterm window, I can not switch back and forth
between the two as two Xterm sessions would appear hung, and will not
register mouse clicks or keyboard inputs. One will come out of it
after awhile but if I click on the other one, they both become
unresponsive again.

Does this always happen? Or only sometimes?

This does not happen when there is a single window using the Xserver,
I can switch back and forth between Windows programs and Cygwin/X
program Xterm fine.

Is there a way that I can increase logging level to see if there is
something going on?

You can add '-logverbose 3' to increase the logging level

Jon Turney
Volunteer Cygwin/X X Server maintainer

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