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Re: Composer segfault on multiple configurations

On 17/05/2017 20:17, Sky Diver wrote:
Running "composer install" with the following composer.json ends up in
a segmentation fault.

---------- START -----------
     "require": {
         "propel/propel": "~2.0@dev"
     "config": {
         "optimize-autoloader": true
---------- END -------------

(*) Note: when "optimize-autoloader" is set to false the error doesn't occur.
I think this may be to do with the 4096 error bug.

Composer will pull in the files and run them. One of them is:

From you project directory, try running:
php vendor/propel/propel/src/Propel/Runtime/DataFetcher/PDODataFetcher.php

That probably will give you a segfault. I'm not sure if changing the
filesize will help, because composer probably will fetch a fresh copy of
the file.

I did provide a small patch a few weeks ago. That might help. You'd need
to recompile and install php though cygports to use it.

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