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Re: setup 2.878 only processes one site

Jon Turney wrote:
On 17/05/17 00:14, David Rothenberger wrote:
When I use the new Direct Connection option in setup 2.878, it appears
that setup only downloads the setup.xz file from one of the three sites
I have selected.

Interesting. I don't see anything in the changes since 2.877 that would have caused this. Can you show a setup.log.full?

Attached, although I didn't see any difference in the log between using the new Direct Connection option and the old one.

Something which might give this impression is that setup will now cache setup.xz, and only download it if it has changed.

I had no idea anyone actually used this feature of setup. I'm somewhat sceptical it's making things faster or more reliable, rather than just downloading the same file 3 times... :)

I think you nailed it. I tried again this morning and the first time I ran setup, it did contact our local site, but it did not on subsequent runs (even to see if the file has changed). I then modified our web server to add a "Cache-Control: no-cache" header and cleared the Windows cache. After that, setup retrieved the setup.xz file from our server on every run.

For background, we host our own partial repository of locally built packages, so the setup.xz our server provides is not complete. It would be incorrect for setup to assume that the setup.xz downloaded from one site is identical to the ones available from the other selected sites.

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