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setup release candidate - please test

A setup release candidate is available at:

Since this changes the way we download files, I think this can use some wider testing before release.

Please test and give feedback to If no regressions are discovered in the next few days, it will be promoted to release.

Changes compared to 2.877:

- "Direct Connection" now uses the WinINet API to fetch URLs.

This enables HTTPS and FTPS protocol support, and caching of mirrors.lst and setup.ini.

The existing, hand-built URL fetching, which only supports HTTP and FTP, is still available by choosing "Direct (legacy)".

- Fixes to "Use Internet Explorer Proxy Settings" mode

Progress is now reported for downloads.

Unwanted caching in "Temporary Internet Files" of package archives has been fixed.

A bug causing a long delay before downloading setup.ini from package repositories without a compressed setup.ini has been fixed.

- Add --allow-unsupported-windows option

Don't check the windows version.

The Cygwin mirror list is not read, so a URL (e.g. a Cygwin time machine circa) should be given with --site or via the GUI.

- Remove support for some long-obsolete setup.ini syntax (omitted version:, omitted size and checksum, various undocumented tokens)

- Remove cruft

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