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Re: rsync problem -- just times out -- rsync or cygwin ?

On Fri, May 5, 2017 at 5:51 PM, L A Walsh wrote:
> rsync hasn't been working for local->local copy which seems a bit
> strange.
> All it seems to want to do is 'timeout' --

It's my understanding that even for local --> local copies, rsync
spawns multiple instances and pipe between "sender" and "receiver"
instances, so a problem with pipes could still cause a timeout.

> --- Process 242824 loaded C:\bin\cygwin1.dll at 0000000180040000
> --- Process 242824 loaded C:\bin\cygiconv-2.dll at 00000003fac60000
>    6       6 [main] rsync (242824)
> **********************************************
>   91      97 [main] rsync (242824) Program name: C:\bin\rsync.exe (windows

How was cygwin installed that C:\ appears to be the root?  Or is this
someone else's rsync package that is using cygwin dlls?

I'm afraid the rest of the trace goes fairly far over my head, but do
other pipes work?

ls -l | less

mkfifo /tmp/foo
echo bar >/tmp/foo &
cat /tmp/foo

if these also fail, I would think the problem has to do with pipes
failing rather than rsync itself, but this is only a guess on my part

-- Erik

ps: please put traces into plain text attachments rather than the message body

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