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Re: How to break cygwin inside ?

On 05/05/2017 04:01, Mark Geisert wrote:
Marco Atzeri wrote:
I am likely missing something obvious, but I do not succeed to put
a breakpoint inside child_info_fork::alloc_stack

break child_info_fork::alloc_stack
Function "child_info_fork::alloc_stack" not defined.

  break /usr/src/debug/cygwin-2.8.0-1/winsup/cygwin/
No source file named /usr/src/debug/cygwin-2.8.0-1/winsup/cygwin/

Is your installed cygwin-debuginfo package the same version as your
cygwin package?


Hi Mark,
yes, I am using the same

$ uname -svr
CYGWIN_NT-6.1-WOW 2.8.0(0.309/5/3) 2017-04-01 20:42

 $ cygcheck -cd |grep cygwin
base-cygwin                           3.8-1
cygwin                                2.8.0-1
cygwin-debuginfo                      2.8.0-1
cygwin-devel                          2.8.0-1
cygwin-doc                            2.8.0-1
cygwin-x-doc                          1.1.20170220-1

I have the poblem on both 32 and 64 bit version.

By the way it seems that git source can not be built
in cygwin as it lacks configure and

 $ autoreconf error: Please use exactly Autoconf 2.64 instead of 2.69.
config/override.m4:12: _GCC_AUTOCONF_VERSION_CHECK is expanded from... the top level
autom4te-2.69: /usr/bin/m4 failed with exit status: 1
aclocal-1.14: error: echo failed with exit status: 1
autoreconf-2.69: aclocal failed with exit status: 1

Are you building using the source package ?


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