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Re: Avast has put 2 Cygwin files in its chest

On 04/05/2017 12:16, David Macek wrote:
On 4. 5. 2017 11:33, Alex Brega wrote:
Would be possible for you to provide me these files (dbus-daemon.exe and ssh.exe) via mail or uploaded somewhere in order to recover them on their original folders ?

The installer can re-install any broken packages, including those containing ssh.exe and dbus-daemon.exe. The installer is available at <>.

to find the package containing a given file you can use cygcheck.

$ cygcheck -p usr/bin/ssh.exe
Found 4 matches for usr/bin/ssh.exe
openssh-debuginfo-7.4p1-1 - openssh-debuginfo: Debug info for openssh (installed binaries and support files)
openssh-debuginfo-7.5p1-1 - openssh-debuginfo: Debug info for openssh
openssh-7.4p1-1 - openssh: The OpenSSH server and client programs (installed binaries and support files)
openssh-7.5p1-1 - openssh: The OpenSSH server and client programs

so you need to reinstall openssh-7.5p1-1

Similar for dbus-daemon.exe  ->  dbus-1.10.8-1

The best approach, as David suggests, is to reinstall the package with setup; however you can also download the package files from a mirror
and extract the file, but this could create wrong file pernmissions:

Assuming you need to the 64bit version package file:

use "x86" instead of "x86_64" for 32bit version


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