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Missing announcements for screen?


So I noticed my recent fresh install of Cygwin has screen 4.5.1-1
installed. And the most recent release is 4.5.2-1.

I've been afflicted by a screen bug that popped up some releases ago
say about 1.5 year ago. Basically, after detach, the restored screen
buffer is mildly corrupted. And the cursor ends up a line or two above
where it was (so it is in the middle of previous screen buffer output,
thus the corruption).

Previously, I tracked a problem with screen (
and sadly I know how involved it is to track down issues, so I've been
just checking each new update to see if it resolves the issue described.

In any case, I didn't recall the updates for screen hitting my Inbox.
Looking at the mailing list, it appears to me that announcements have
not been forthcoming for screen, and perhaps other packages, for a

Can someone confirm that? Is there a list of what's been fixed in each
release that I can look at ahead of installation?

Thanks in advance,

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