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long I/O delays when strace is running

Well I've solved one problem, but now I have another one. To try to understand why except is getting broken pipes (child processes are "going away"), I modified DejaGNU's /usr/bin/runtest so that it would strace each except process:

-exec "$expectbin" $debug -- "$runpath"/runtest.exp $target ${1+"$@"}
+exec strace --output=/tmp/runtest.$$.log --trace-children --mask=startup $expectbin $debug -- $runpath/runtest.exp $target ${1+"$@"}

However, when I run make -kj8 check after this, Cygwin processes that do file I/O and even ps become very unresponsive and CPU utilization is low (not to say that DejaGNU is good at balancing the test load). If I hit ctrl-C on the make process, it won't exit for somewhere around 30 seconds. I am able to reproduce this to some degree with this simple snippet, although the delays aren't as long as doing the above:

for ((i = 0; i < 64; ++i)); do strace --output=/tmp/sleep.$$.log --trace-children --mask=startup sleep 64; done

Can anybody try this and see if they get delays when running ps -ef or some such?


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