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Issue with delayed process start and effect on Windows 10

Hi All,

I am a newbie to Cygwin having downloaded it yesterday.

I managed to install it after some time (for the reasons explained below)
and brought up a Cygwin terminal.

During a script run initiated in the Cygwin terminal, I noticed that after a
very short while, the execution would slow down to a crawl.  The script was
running but in very slow motion.

I looked at the sequence of events using a windows sysinternals tool and
found that there is a delay in starting (forking?) a new command (e.g. ls)
of precisely 20 seconds which is strange.  The script runs normally but very
very slowly.

I noticed a side effect too.  After the slowing down in Cygwin, certain
windows apps behaved the same way as though there was cross contamination
from Cygwin.  Windows Task Manager takes about 40 second to appear and same
for the Windows Command Window.  Flash extension in the Chrome browser would
continuously fail to start.  To repair the situation I had to reboot.  To
make sure that Cygwin was not still active, I aborted all bash.exe processes
that were running and the problem continued to persist.

Is this a known problem?  For me it makes Cygwin completely unusable which
is a pity.

Paul Kitchen

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