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Re: passwd unrecoverable error 1265

On 31.8.2016 12:16, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
I found a workaround:  The Windows call for changing the password used
by the passwd tool is

  ret = NetUserChangePassowrd (server, username, old_pwd, new_pwd);

The server is usually the logon server, prepended by double backslash,
as in the variable $LOGONSERVER, and this is how passwd uses the function.
However, while this still works fine on W7 and 2008R2, it fails on the
newer systems with error 1265, ERROR_DOWNGRADE_DETECTED.

The workaround puzzles me slightly, but it seems to do the trick:
If I use the domain name (as in $USERDOMAIN) instead of the server
name when calling this function, it works as expected, also on W7
or 2008R2.

Thank You for very useful information.

I tried Your workaround and it works perfectly for me:
	test@server ~
	$ LOGONSERVER=server passwd
	Old password:
	New password:
	Re-enter new password:
	Password changed.

	test@server ~

(Old value in $LOGONSERVER was \\server)

My server is standalone Windows Server 2008R2 Enterprise, so Microsoft's error message is not quite correct.

(On Yours 2008R2 problem didn't occur - interesting.)

Thank You.


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