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I have installed several years ago my cygwin openssh server (sshd) and it worked very well for a long time.
I use to connect to it in three ways:
1) from putty to open an interactive shell
2) from another cygwin on another PC using scp to copy files
3) (occasionally) from the cygwin on the other pc usin ssh to open an interactive shell or to execute simple commands.

Some months ago, after an upgrade, my sshd started to change its behavior
From Putty it still worked
from the other cygwin ssh and scp hangs after the disconnect. I have to press ctrl+C to exit from ssh or scp
for example:
ssh me@remmote server "ls -l"
shows me the result of the ls and then it stays there until I press ctrl+C
Same behavior with scp

Last week, after another update, it got even worse.
From putty it hangs on disconnect and I have to close the window.
from ssh after the disconnect (Ctrl+D) it hangs but the ctrl+C does nothing. I have to kill the ssh
from scp it hangs but the ctrl+C still works

I cannot understand what makes it hang.
I searched on google, checked the configuration options, nothing.
I deleted (renamed) all my bashrc files (in /etc/ and home dir) to see if there was a tunnel or something that would make it hang, but the only thing that changes is the prompt. It still hangs.

Note: it is not a firewall problem. It does the same if I ssh from localhost.

Can anyone help me to find a solution? It is very annoying.


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