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Script broken after updating bash to 4.3.46-7?

After I updated Cygwin yesterday, a daily database backup bash script
(`automysqlbackup`) broke.
My previous bash was 4.3.42-4 (installed when I updated Cygwin on
2016/07/23), current is 4.3.46-7.
Here's the code snippet:
  local i;i=0;
  while read -r; do alldbnames[i++]="$REPLY"; done < <(mysql
--host="${CONFIG_mysql_dump_host}" "${mysql_opt[@]}" --batch
--skip-column-names -e "show databases")
This is supposed to get the list of all databases. Before it worked.
Now every item on the list ends with the CR character ($'\r'), causing
a bunch of issues with further script opreation. I'm using official
MariaDB Windows x64 binaries.
Frankly if mysql does output CRLF line endings, I don't know why that
script worked before, considering that this command in an interactive
shell produces a similar result:
# echo $'information_schema\r' | { read -r var; echo "{$var}"; }
But it did work somehow... Question is - what made it stop working
now, and what would be best way to fix it?


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