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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 2.4.3 and test release mintty 2.5.0

Am 23.08.2016 um 11:30 schrieb Frank Fesevur:
2016-08-23 1:29 GMT+02:00 Thomas Wolff:
I have also uploaded mintty 2.5.0 as a test release with the following

   * Revise DPI handling (#470; #492, #487); always consider individual
monitor DPI.

Note that this release introduces a slightly incompatible change in mintty.
The issue is that the interpretation of font size used to be suitable for
traditional resolution monitors and did not consider higher-DPI monitors or
the Windows monitor "zooming" feature which adjusts a virtual DPI.
As a result, the handling of changed DPI (when moving the window to another
monitor) introduced in 2.2.1 interfered with other aspects, the initial DPI
was not considered, and a number of unpleasant side effects were
occasionally observed.

I intend to change DPI handling to be consistent with the respective monitor
DPI (as optionally configured by "zooming factor"), and to comply with font
size interpreation of other applications, e.g. notepad. In consequence the
initial font size may be smaller (or larger) than before, depending on the
actual monitor geometry and configuration. Nothing would change on a
"standard" monitor configuration. To compensate, some people may have to
change their font size configuration.
I was about to write a bug report that I encountered with a maximized
mintty on a 125% secondary screen. When I minimized it to the taskbar
it would restore to my primary screen. But that problem is fixed now,
so for me 2.5.0 solves that problem even before reporting it. The
draft mail is thrown away ;-)

Thanks for the fix!
Thanks for the report anyway; I wasn't aware of that problem and I have no idea how it was magically resolved...

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