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Hi folks,

I uploaded a new Cygwin test release 2.6.0-0.10.

Two interesting changes in this test release:

- Fix the bug reported in

- Add missing nl_langinfo_l functions as reported in


The 2.6.0 release is going to introducing the locale_t datatype, as well
as all functions related to locale_t locales and per-thread locales per

So, rather than just providing a single, per-process locale, you can now
create new locales ("newlocale") and set it as locale for the current
thread ("uselocale") or use it directly with one of the new functions
taking a locale_t as parameter (i.e. isalpha_l).

The full list of new interfaces is:


    newlocale, freelocale, duplocale, uselocale, nl_langinfo_l

    isalnum_l, isalpha_l, isblank_l, iscntrl_l, isdigit_l, isgraph_l,
    islower_l, isprint_l, ispunct_l, isspace_l, isupper_l,

    iswalnum_l, iswalpha_l, iswblank_l, iswcntrl_l, iswctype_l, iswdigit_l,
    iswgraph_l, iswlower_l, iswprint_l, iswpunct_l, iswspace_l, iswupper_l,
    iswxdigit_l, isxdigit_l

    tolower_l, toupper_l, towctrans_l, towlower_l, towupper_l,
    wctrans_l, wctype_l

    strcasecmp_l, strcoll_l, strncasecmp_l, strxfrm_l

    wcscasecmp_l, wcscoll_l, wcstrncasecmp_l, wcstrxfrm_l

    strfmon_l, strftime_l

- GNU extensions:

    isascii_l, toascii_l

    strtol_l, stroll_l, strtoul_l, strtoull_l
    strtod_l, strtofl, strtold_l

    wcstol_l, wcsoll_l, wcstoul_l, wcstoull_l
    wcstod_l, wcstofl, wcstold_l


Since this is brand-new code, this code *will* have bugs.

It would be very helpful if interested developers and Cygwin package
maintainers could give this new stuff some good testing.

Other than that:


What changed:

- Drop support for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003/2003 R2.

- Drop support for very old SUNWNFS filesystem.

- Further header file improvements in terms of feature test macros.

- Raise number of supported partitions per disk (for raw access) to 63.

- Add a workaround for filesystems not supporting the FileAllInformation
  info class.

- Support AzureAD accounts.

- "nobody" account support for WinFSP.

Bug Fixes

- Try to avoid spurious DENY ACEs when creating files in directories
  with non-POSIX-like (rather: Windows-like) permissions.
  Addresses: Report and reproducer on IRC.

- Make sure ldd(1) does not exit prematurely when enumerating DLLs.

- Fix strace timer output in child process.

- Change blkcnt_t to signed type per POSIX.

- Fix definition of SSIZE_MAX on 32-bit systems.

- Fix transposing invalid chars in Windows filenames on relative paths.

- Don't raise SIGTTIN from select(2)/poll(2).

- Fix truncl which was using the wrong FPU rounding mode.

- Fix a regression in ioctl(fd, FIONREAD, ...) introduced in Cygwin 2.5.0.
  This only affects 64 bit Cygwin.

- Handle "clear screen" escpae sequence in console window more reliable.

- Allow kill(pid, <anysig>) on zombies to return successfully, rather than
  only kill(pid, 0), to align behaviour with POSIX requirements.



Corinna Vinschen                  Please, send mails regarding Cygwin to
Cygwin Maintainer                 cygwin AT cygwin DOT com
Red Hat

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