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Re: issues with startxwin not loading x windows

On 18/08/2016 20:37, michael messina wrote:

I recently switched from a windows 7 laptop to windows 10 at work here; I had cygwin 64 working with metacity as my preferred frontend for x windows with no problems.  Inexplicably on the 16th it ceased functioning.  I attempted a reinstall and instead, now I get is a black popup momentarily, then nothing happens.  Enclosed are various log files/etc.

I cannot unfortunately give my cygcheck.out without giving away a lot of internal corporate information so that was redacted since it's absolutely necessary.  That said, all of the various packages said 'ok' for them.  I've had my trend micro office scan administrator add my pc's C:\cygwin64 folder to the exceptions section of the configuration.   Also scanned the hard drive/FS for filesystem on windows; nothing found.

I cannot boot into safe mode because of bitlocker.

So enclosed is my redacted cygcheck.out; my xsessions.error file from 8/16, my xwin.0 file, and a copy of the gdb output.

Interestingly when I try to do a strace on it, I just get 'segmentation fault' as the output.  Output log file is empty.

I'm baffled here and being mostly pure linux, I kind of live and die by my cygwin instance.
Any thoughts here?  Please note neither opening the terminal and typing any variation of startxwin, xwin, startx, or using any start menu icons for x windows will produce anything but the described result of nothing happening Though at least from a terminal window I get some output before it refuses to start like this:

the problem is Micro Trend:

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