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[ANNOUNCEMENT] qt4 4.8.7-3

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* libQt3Support4-4.8.7-3
* libQt3Support4-devel-4.8.7-3
* libQtCore4-4.8.7-3
* libQtCore4-devel-4.8.7-3
* libQtDBus4-4.8.7-3
* libQtDBus4-devel-4.8.7-3
* libQtDeclarative4-4.8.7-3
* libQtDeclarative4-devel-4.8.7-3
* libQtDesigner4-4.8.7-3
* libQtDesigner4-devel-4.8.7-3
* libQtGui4-4.8.7-3
* libQtGui4-devel-4.8.7-3
* libQtHelp4-4.8.7-3
* libQtHelp4-devel-4.8.7-3
* libQtMultimedia4-4.8.7-3
* libQtMultimedia4-devel-4.8.7-3
* libQtNetwork4-4.8.7-3
* libQtNetwork4-devel-4.8.7-3
* libQtOpenGL4-4.8.7-3
* libQtOpenGL4-devel-4.8.7-3
* libQtScript4-4.8.7-3
* libQtScript4-devel-4.8.7-3
* libQtScriptTools4-4.8.7-3
* libQtScriptTools4-devel-4.8.7-3
* libQtSql4-4.8.7-3
* libQtSql4-devel-4.8.7-3
* libQtSvg4-4.8.7-3
* libQtSvg4-devel-4.8.7-3
* libQtTest4-4.8.7-3
* libQtTest4-devel-4.8.7-3
* libQtXml4-4.8.7-3
* libQtXml4-devel-4.8.7-3
* libQtXmlPatterns4-4.8.7-3
* libQtXmlPatterns4-devel-4.8.7-3
* qt4-devel-tools-4.8.7-3
* qt4-designer-plugin-webkit-4.8.7-3
* qt4-doc-4.8.7-3
* qt4-qtconfig-4.8.7-3

Qt is a cross-platform application framework for desktop and embedded 
development. Qt enables programmers to create advanced GUI applications 
once and deploy them to Windows, Mac OS X and Linux without rewriting the 
source code. Companies using Qt can leverage software investments made on 
one platform across many others.

This release includes a fix for compatibility with Boost 1.60, and improved 
detection of GTK+-based desktops.


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