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Re: Please explain how to add to a thread in this mailing list

Andrey Repin wrote:
The problem is not the lists or subscription.
The problem is that you are using gmail web interface.
It's hopelessly broken and is unlikely to be fixed any time soon.
While it's possible the gmail web interface can be misconfigured,
I find that it usually redirects replies consistently with
what I'm wanting.
Though, of note -- I'd have to test as I don't usually use the
gmail interface, it's _probable_ that if you hit 'reply' to a user
in the gmail-lists interface, that it will reply to the group
instead of to the user.

There have been different interfaces on google for reading
'email' and those interfaces have changed over time.  But at
some point, for example, simply hitting reply might go to the
group in the google-lists interface, but would go to a single
user in the mail (not list) interface.

Lists are built on top of the email interface, and different
email readers don't always use the same conventions for these
things -- often because people want different behaviors in different

How a list is displayed, or if it is displayed as a list at all, is
determined by your email reader.

References are used by email-processing software to allow the display of 'threaded conversations'. Reference headers
headers in email are usually hidden because they intended
to be read and added by the software -- not by users.

Since I don't use gmail as my primary email client, I'm not
familiar with all of its configuration options -- but the best thing to do is to look at the help for the software you are using to read & write emails to users and to groups.
I find that thunderbird's interface works best for me so I have
my gmail address(es) set to forward email to my ISP user address.
Then I have thunderbird set to use send emails out to specific
addresses and/or use different from-addresses based on where the responded-to email came from. In all of these cases, though
they take a while to get used to -- and you have to keep up with
changes in your software.

I don't know, but I don't think cygwin is hosted as a google group,
in which case, at the bottom of each email are directions for
help and questions specific to cygwin:

Documentation: FAQ:

Good luck!

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