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Re: tcsh version 6.19.00-3 hangs on exit

Hi Thomas,

On Aug 11 16:36, Thomas Taylor wrote:
> I really appreciate your looking into this problem.  I use the Cygwin64
> Terminal icon to create one or more windows.  I set my login shell to
> /bin/tcsh in /etc/passwd.  As you suggested, I deleted ~/.logout, and do not
> have an /etc/csh.logout.  I also deleted ~/.login, and reduced my (optional)
> ~/.cshrc to only the following two lines:
>     set history=100
>     set savehist=($history merge lock)
> In this case (if I understand correctly) tcsh first sources /etc/csh.cshrc,
> then ~/.cshrc, then /etc/csh.login.  The files /etc/csh.cshrc and
> /etc/csh.login are as downloaded from one of the Cygwin x86_64 mirror sites,
> and are unchanged by me; only the optional file ~/.cshrc (above) has been
> added by me.  Unfortunately, all mintty windows hang upon exit, and each
> must be killed (along with its associated tcsh) using the Windows Task
> Manager.  C-Shell scripts started from the command line also hang upon exit
> (unless their first line contains the fast startup flag "-f"), and must be
> killed with Control-C.  The mintty windows and the C-Shell scripts do not
> hang if the third word "lock" is removed from the setting of savehist in
> ~/.cshrc.  I would like to use "lock" for the reasons mentioned in the tcsh
> man pages.  Things seemed to work fine until a couple of weeks ago, when I
> updated my Cygwin system.

Ok, I'm not using "lock" myself, but even with "lock" I can't reproduce
your observation, neither interactive, nor running a script.

I wonder if this a BLODA problem, perhaps, see

If that doesn't help, we might need more debugging on your side.  For
instance, what you could do is to start a CMD shell and start tcsh from
there via strace, i. e.:

  C:\cygwin\bin> strace -o tcsh.trace tcsh -l

This is much slower than usual so be patient.  Provoke the hang.  Then
kill tcsh from task manager.  Send the tcsh.trace file as attachment to
this list.  It might help to narrow down the problem.


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