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Re: Please explain how to add to a thread in this mailing list

I'd like to thank all of you who responded with advice on how to use this mailing list, and how to reply to a post. I'd especially like to thank Kaz Kylheku for his extensive and detailed tutorial on how to use the mailing list, written as a reply to my original post. I encourage everyone to take a look at it.

Eliot Moss suggested I sign up for the list, as I had just gone ahead and posted what I think is a bug ("tcsh version 6.19.00-3 hangs on exit") without realizing I should first sign up. I then subscribed to the list in digest form, but it's difficult to use (emails come as individual numbered attachments, which must be cross-referenced to the digest itself), and doesn't lend itself to back-and-forth use. Greg Freemyer suggested that I instead subscribe such that I get each post as a separate email.

Jack (no last name) and Kaz both emphasized the importance of the "References" field in the message header. I noticed the References field in the posts that were replies to my original post, but had no idea of how to incorporate this field into my replies to the replies. As I had not yet subscribed to the list, I had no emails to reply to. If I understand correctly, such emails would have included the essential References field in their message headers. As I had not yet subscribed, I had no emails to reply to, and thus posted my replies (like this one) as top-level posts.

And Kaz, I should have been cutting and pasting quoted text from the archive, but unfortunately I wasn't. That's why none of my replies (really completely new messages) quote the original message when replying.

Everybody, please correct me if I've gotten anything wrong.

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