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Re: Postinstall script errors on cygwin x86 install

Achim wrote:

>You are obviously not using the R that comes with Cygwin

My R is the Windows version of the program.

I am not sure what you mean by "the R that comes with Cygwin".  I do not think that cygwin comes with its own version R installed by default, like it default installs perl.  In fact, quickly skimming cygwin's setup-x86.exe list of available packages, I do not see an R in there.

>and in addition some extra stuff that lives in C:\Rtools.
>And apparently, the latter comes with their own Cygwin-based tools
>and gets delivered with their own cygwin1.dll.

I did not install any extra cygwin tools when I installed Rtools, as I already had a full cygwin installation.

In particular, the Rtools check box option to install the cygwin DLLs was left unchecked.

>Now, If you had read the error message

No, I read that message, and followed its instructions.

>you might have found where that second cygwin1.dll lives (and likely still lives).

I should have mentioned in my original email that when I searched for cygwin1.dll, I found but once instance, the expected one in C:\cygwin\bin.

>The next time you'll call the tools in whatever order to make that other
>(older) cygwin1.dll load first or have the programs in Rtools try to use
>the newer cygwin1.dll you will have that very same problem again.

I followed the recommended advice from Duncan Murdoch: I installed only cygwin 32 bit, and put Rttols before cygwin in my PATH system env var.


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