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Re: chere mintty window position

Are you seeing this on Windows 10?  I have noticed a lot of other apps
do this as well on Windows 10, such as Evernote and Firefox.  It seems
to be caused by the invisible window border that Windows 10 puts on
everything to make it appear that apps have no border, but still give
you enough pixels to grab them to resize with the mouse.  You won't
notice it if you always have your apps maximized.

In that case, I don't think even a position parameter would help,
since the 0,0 would still include the invisible window border, unless
maybe you tried negative positions.

The fix needs to be done in code, as described here:

You can pass options to mintty when you run chere using the -o option.
Try something like -o "-p -5,-5".  Run "chere -h" to see help.

On Mon, Aug 8, 2016 at 5:51 PM, Brent <> wrote:
> Hello.
> I recently did a clean reinstallation of 32 bit cygwin, and as part of that, downloaded the chere package so that I could get Windows Explorer context menu bash here support.
> I like my cygwin bash terminal windows to come up maximized by default.
> So, my usual procedure the first time that I use the context menu bash here feature is to:
> 1) click on mintty's Windows square button in the top right to maximize the window
> 2) right click inside mintty --> Options... --> Window --> click on Current Size button
> Doing that this time ALMOST works.  When I try the context menu bash here feature now, the mintty window does come up greatly enlarged.  BUT it is not correctly centered!  It actually is shifted to the right by ~5 or so pixels!  That means that the right side scroll bars, for example, are partly going off the right side of the screen.  This is very annoying.
> Is this a known bug with mintty?
> Is there a fix?
> I have one guess.  This mintty page
> says that it supports a
>     -p, --position X,Y
> options, so something like
>     -p 0,0
> should do the trick.  The question is how can I supply an option like that to mintty when it is opened by chere from a Windows Explorer context menu.
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