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Re: PATHEXT is fundamental to Windows and Should be recognised by CYGWIN

[private, off-list reply]

Hi Michael,

Do you have some sort of list of detailed requirements implemented by MKS
tools where Cygwin is different or lacking in some way?

Maybe Cygwin could pick up some of them.

Anyway, about a month ago, when I learned that Cygwin is now under
the Lesser GPL, I started a project called Cygnal (Cygwin Native
Application Library) whose goal is to improve the usefulness
of Cygwin for Windows development.

However, I have a different angle on it: the perspective is
of developing a native application (which ships native executables,
without any apparent POSIX environment with a shell, commands or any
of that).

I don't need to infuse the Cygwin environment with Windows conventions;
building my program within the POSIX conventions suits me just fine.

However, I don't want the *users* of the program (a binary .exe
accompanied by .dll files, wrapped up in an installer) to be exposed
to POSIX conventions.

With Cygnal, you can develop a single executable file, which works
with POSIX and Windows conventions, simply based on which flavor
of the cygwin1.dll it is linking against.

Cheers ...

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