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Re: Size limitation for NcFsd drive?

Sorry for the delay, for some reason my users keep me busy with strange bugs, see my answers below.

Am 2016-08-02 um 16:59 schrieb Corinna Vinschen:
Hi Franz,

On Aug  2 16:26, Franz Sirl wrote:
Nevertheless I believe the fallback to
NtQueryDirectoryFile(FileIdBothDirectoryInformation) does not do what you
want if the path is the root directory of a share. But that's not the cause
of this problem.

Yeah, as I wrote in my reply, the NtQueryDirectoryFile branch isn't
supposed to be hit in this scenario.  It's solely for "access denied"

Got it.

Are you set up to build your own Cygwin DLL so you can test the above
patch locally?

Not really, but since I've already created a few testcases for Novell now, I have my own little "framework" using ntdll.dll directly. I added your code to it and it showed:

C:\NovellQueryAllInformationFile\Debug>NovellQueryAllInformationFile.exe t:\
NtQueryInformationFile(FileAllInformation) 't:\' resulted in errorcode c7e90006, description: (no description)
Returned filename:  ''
NtQueryInformationFile(FileBasicInformation) 't:\' resulted in errorcode 0, description: STATUS_WAIT_0 NtQueryInformationFile(FileStandardInformation) 't:\' resulted in errorcode 0, description: STATUS_WAIT_0

So your fallback will work nicely. No idea if it's worth it, because I'll likely get an updated NCP client soon from Novell.


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