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Emacs will not execute, always reports 24.5.1 as version

 Has anyone else encountered this issue running Emacs lately and found

For me, Emacs will not start an editing session.  After typing “emacs”
at the command prompt, there is a brief pause while I remain at the
bash shell, and Instead I remain in the bash shell, and after you see
a pause after typing “emacs” at the command prompt, and then you see a
new command prompt.


   $ cygcheck.exe -s -v -r > cygcheck.out

   $ emacs -version

   GNU Emacs 24.5.1


   $ emacs

   [brief pause – terminal remains at bash prompt – as if executing a
no-output process]



I attached a slightly redacted cygcheck.out.

Observation: This behavior repeats itself no matter which of the
available emacs versions  I have installed.  (24.5-1, 24.5-2, 24.5-3).

Observation: Emacs reports version 24.5.1 from the command line no
matter which version was installed.  For example, if I install 24.5-2,
$emacs -version reports 24.5.1.  The Cygwin installer subsequently
reports 24.5-2.

Observation: The problem started occurring when I upgraded an existing
installation (I do not recall which) to 2.874 / 2.5.2.  (I realize
that this has likely more to with app
lication packaging.)

What did I do to try and resolve?

I have tried several things.
1 – uninstall CYGWIN completely using the guide in the FAQ.

2 – reinstall CYGWIN after a reboot.

3 – change mirrors.

4. Uninstall emacs.

5. Reinstall emacs after a reboot.

6. Read the emacs cygwin README in /usr/share/doc/emacs

7. Google till my fingers bled.

8. Search Cygwin mailing list archives (for multiple lists). Did not
find a similar problem.  (I did see a someone having issues when
tyring to create a windows shortcut..... )

9. Search the sider internet for similar problems and solutions. Again, no luck.

10. Curse like a sailor.

Anybody else have this problem and resolved?

Thanks a ton,

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