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Re: Autoconf fooled by AC_FC_LINE_LENGTH

On 29/07/2016 21:32, Peter Rosin wrote:
On 2016-07-29 14:23, Marco Atzeri wrote:
Hi Eric,

building latest Arpack

I hit a strange case where the presence of a single line


before the usual

is causing the libtool to be incorrectly set, versus
the right case

It seems libtool is incorrectly set for MSVC platform

I tried to move the libtool inizialization before the
AC_FC_LINE_LENGTH but autoconf is objecting on wrong preference.

It seems a bug impacting only cygwin.

Reading the source comment for AC_FC_LINE_LENGTH indicates that
you should call AC_FC_FREEFORM or AC_FC_FIXEDFORM before you call
AC_FC_LINE_LENGTH. You do not do that. This is not mentioned in
the autoconf manual I'm looking at. I don't know if the source
code comment or the manual is correct (it's been 20 years since I
last used fortran...)

Hi Peter,
thanks for the hint, unfortunately it makes no difference.

Looking at the upstream code I notice
that AC_FC_LINE_LENGTH is the only FC call
while all the rest is F77 based

$ grep _FC

$ grep _F77
AC_F77_FUNC(sgemm$SYMBOLSUFFIX, sgemmsuff)
AC_F77_FUNC(snaupd$SYMBOLSUFFIX, snaupdsuff)
AC_F77_FUNC(sneupd$SYMBOLSUFFIX, sneupdsuff)
AC_F77_FUNC(dnaupd$SYMBOLSUFFIX, dnaupdsuff)
AC_F77_FUNC(dneupd$SYMBOLSUFFIX, dneupdsuff)
AC_F77_FUNC(cheev$SYMBOLSUFFIX, cheevsuff)

and this is fishy.
I need to check it

However, I suspect the issue is that libtool might eat or be
otherwise confused by the flag selected to get fortran support
for long lines. What is FCFLAGS when you have the macro present?

Out on a limb here...


PS. some logs would be handy...

which one ? Autoconf and configure are a bit verbose


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