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Re: problem building with cmake under cygwin (need clang)

Csaba Raduly wrote:
On Tue, Jul 26, 2016 at 2:45 AM, LMH  wrote:

I am trying to compute the convex hull of a high dimensional space (46D x
2000 rows). The qhull app available in cygwin/math is based on relatively
old code and runs out of memory.

I found another version the is supposed to be able to do higher dimensions.

This version is set up to build with cmake, so I installed cmake in cygwin
and ran it as,

cmake ./src

Note, I had to copy CMakeLists.txt into the src directory to get this to
work. If I don't do that, I get the error,

That usually won't work. Instead of copying CMakeLists.txt to the src
directory, you should specify the directory where CMakeLists.txt is
located when invoking CMake.

Steps for building in a separate build directory:

mkdir _build
cd    _build
cmake ..


I looked for the syntax for this when I first started. I assumed the the author put the CMakeLists.txt file in the right place. I almost never have my make file in the src directory when using gnu make, so this looked the same to me. I didn't find any doc about how to have the CMakeLists.txt and the src in different directories.

The structure of the downloaded archive looked like,
 /test/...test files

I did,

cd ./tomilov-quickhull-7faf277d6cc2
cmake ./src

this is when I got the error message about no CMakeLists.txt file in /src.

What is the syntax for running cmake in


with the CMakeLists.txt file at


and the src files in



Is this something you do with the --build flag? It looks like you can use that to specify where the project will be built but I don't see anything there about the location of the src files.



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