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Re: System tray menu tuning & Xwin0.log in mintty console with startx

On 25/07/2016 22:14, pigreco erre wrote:
Hello Marco,
Excuse me but I don't specify before that I try to use Cygwin-Portable version that I find on the web.

This explain why the menu was talking german

But you should rise the issues with the author.

Here we only support the full version

I put it in my  pendrive. I use in various exam  the program VIM EMACS & GCC so to have a them in portable cyg version  is very confortable.
Sorry if I forgot to add this information :-(
However, I have essentially only one problem:
when I run "startx" on mintty bash environment I see on the screen like a splash log file directly. Why?
What can I erase the echoin on the screen when it execs the script "startx?"
I don't reach to put off the stdout on the screen when I call "startx".

Don't start the X server from mintty or open more than one
Mintty windows.

Could I solve this?
(take into account that there is a difference with startxwin.
When I run "startxwin",It starts without echo-splash on the screen the X-server message).
With reference to the other question, I solve it.
Thank you again

My solution on USB disk is a link in the Cygwin root dir
with "Target"

E:\cygwin64\bin\run.exe --quote /usr/bin/bash.exe -l -c "cd; exec /usr/bin/startxwin"

and with "Start in"



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