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Re: Midnight Commander is very slow when starting and changing directories

Tried to list all drive letters (with help of

    PS C:\Users\chanibal> wmic logicaldisk get
    Caption  DriveType  ProviderName  VolumeName
    C:       3                        SSD
    D:      3                        HDD
    E:       5               <------------ this is a DVD drive not
used for months (years?)

And it took close to the 4 seconds - similar to the issue I am experiencing:

    PS C:\Users\chanibal> Measure-Command { wmic logicaldisk get
caption,providername,drivetype,volumename }
    TotalSeconds      : 5,0886857

Disabling the DVD drive with Device Manager changed the above time to
0.063s, changed `ls /cygdrive` time to 0.015s and Midnight Commander

All right, now the question is WHY did this fail - I think it might be
considered Cygwin bug material, almost none windows app has failed
this way (with the exception of this windows mc build).

2016-07-26 8:55 GMT+02:00 David Macek <>:
> On 25. 7. 2016 17:34, Krzysztof Bociurko wrote:
>> I have found this issue in a new incarnation - and this time it is NOT
>> with midnight commander but basic gnu utils.
>> Again it's the 4 seconds lost.
>>     $ time ls /cygdrive/
>>     c  d
>>     real    0m4.065s
>>     user    0m0.000s
>>     sys     0m0.015s
>> `ls /cygdrive/c` or `ls /cygdrive/d` take around 0.013s.
> Is it possible there's another -- unavailable -- drive letter, and the driver needs to wait 4 seconds before declaring it unavailable/disconnected?
> --
> David Macek

Krzysztof Bociurko

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