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Re: Problem with git on cygwin64 on Windows 10 (2.8.3-1), again

I can report that I finally found the problem. User error, of course.

I decided to install 32-bit Cygwin in parallel to my 64-bit. So I installed a fresh 64 under /cygwin64 and a 32-bit under /cygwin32. I don't know why but

1) the installation under /cygwin got broken
2) I had some desktop shortcut still pointing to mintty starting in it

So, "again" meant "when I used that shortcut"...

Don't know why git did not write anything more useful when it died, though... Or why it did...

But running consistent version makes everything work as expected ,-)

(This is mostly documentation for posterity ;-)


Thomas Nilsson skrev:

Eliot Moss skrev:
I know it may be grasping at straws, but I would look into the
permissions on the files. Also, I can imagine that running
a more native Windows version of git, and the cygwin version
of git, over the *same checkout* might lead to problems around
permissions and such.

Thanks for the suggestions, even if they are straws... Just to clarify,
I have not used different git:s on the same repo (AFAIKR) because I know
that gives problems. The example was from different clones of the same
repo. Using the same trace as before, I get the following when I try to

+ git clone -v -v
21:53:25.633878 git.c:350 trace: built-in: git 'clone'
'' '-v' '-v'
Cloning into 'cgreen'...
21:53:25.666025 run-command.c:336 trace: run_command: 'ssh'
'' 'git-upload-pack '\''thoni56/cgreen.git'\'''
21:53:27.770688 pkt-line.c:80 packet: clone<
06543ac1ff0c4aef9187eb1ad9c4e1a9059d51ad HEAD\0multi_ack thin-pack
side-band side-band-64k ofs-delta shallow no-progress include-tag
multi_ack_detailed symref=HEAD:refs/heads/master
21:53:27.772196 pkt-line.c:80 packet: clone<
06543ac1ff0c4aef9187eb1ad9c4e1a9059d51ad refs/heads/master
21:53:27.772217 pkt-line.c:80 packet: clone<
21:53:27.772230 pkt-line.c:80 packet: clone<
60c270419e917d4b364f1df61dff54dbcfb01972 refs/heads/reportinginfo
21:53:27.772240 pkt-line.c:80 packet: clone< 0000
21:53:27.776847 shallow.c:313 shallow: prepare_shallow_info
Server supports multi_ack_detailed
Server supports side-band-64k
Server supports ofs-delta
Server version is git/2:2.6.5~dgit-checksum-v5-1484-gfc2423c
want 06543ac1ff0c4aef9187eb1ad9c4e1a9059d51ad (HEAD)
want 06543ac1ff0c4aef9187eb1ad9c4e1a9059d51ad (refs/heads/master)
want dfb4e8922f13843d871a324286f3301a96ca74de
want 60c270419e917d4b364f1df61dff54dbcfb01972 (refs/heads/reportinginfo)
21:53:27.779832 pkt-line.c:80 packet: clone> want
06543ac1ff0c4aef9187eb1ad9c4e1a9059d51ad multi_ack_detailed
side-band-64k thin-pack ofs-delta agent=git/2.8.3
21:53:27.779846 pkt-line.c:80 packet: clone> want
21:53:27.779855 pkt-line.c:80 packet: clone> want
21:53:27.779863 pkt-line.c:80 packet: clone> want
21:53:27.779870 pkt-line.c:80 packet: clone> 0000
21:53:27.779887 pkt-line.c:80 packet: clone> done
21:53:27.940551 pkt-line.c:80 packet: clone< NAK
21:53:27.940825 pkt-line.c:80 packet: sideband< \2Counting objects:
7389, done.
remote: Counting objects: 7389, done.
21:53:27.940851 pkt-line.c:80 packet: sideband< \2Compressing objects:
0% (1/137) \15Compressing objects: 1% (2/137) \15
21:53:27.940870 pkt-line.c:80 packet: sideband< \2Compressing objects:
2% (3/137) \15
21:53:27.940879 pkt-line.c:80 packet: sideband< \2Compressing objects:
3% (5/137) \15
21:53:27.940886 pkt-line.c:80 packet: sideband< \2Compressing objects:
4% (6/137) \15
21:53:27.944165 run-command.c:336 trace: run_command: 'index-pack'
'--stdin' '-v' '--fix-thin' '--keep=fetch-pack 12908 on thoni64'
21:53:27.947283 exec_cmd.c:120 trace: exec: 'git' 'index-pack'
'--stdin' '-v' '--fix-thin' '--keep=fetch-pack 12908 on thoni64'
fatal: index-pack failed
21:53:27.966219 trace.c:420 performance: 2.333912667 s: git command:
'git' 'clone' '' '-v' '-v'

RE: permissions, what files are you thinking about? Since I can't even
clone a fresh repo from any of the repos I have (giving , I'd think that
it must be the git execs? They all seem alright to me.

I'm not sure but I think both cygwin and Windows (10 x86_64) had some
updates since I last used git.


Regards -- Eliot Moss

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