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Re: Mintty 2.4.0 and Deja Vu Sans Mono 2.35: issue with bold

Am 13.07.2016 um 21:30 schrieb Thomas Wolff:
Am 13.07.2016 um 07:56 schrieb Thomas Wolff:
Am 12.07.2016 um 22:35 schrieb Michael Enright:
On Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 12:26 PM, Thomas Wolff wrote:
Mintty generates "faux-bold" by overstriking with a pixel offset of 1. Maybe
it should scale the thickness with the font size (like it does now for
manual underline and VT100 line drawing graphics), at increased risk of
clipping, however.

Suggestions welcome.
I assume you have already tried quite a few suggestions. Did you try
digitally inflating the bitmap image of the normal weight characters?
No; apart from how to find a suitable algorithm, this would bypass the
system font rendering, including smoothing/Cleartype, so likely not have
good results.

Did you try using the metrics from the normal weight while rendering
with the bold weight?
The bold font is requested to be created with the same metrics ...
Actually, it isn't. Found the root cause.
Fixed in

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