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Re: Problem with git on cygwin64 on Windows 10 (2.8.3-1), again

Something similar happened to me again (git not performing its job), and I don't want to re-install cygwin every now and then just to make git work... So this time I'm

So here's the situation again:

git (2.8.3) prevents me to push and insists that I have things to pul first. But I know I don't because:

$ git status
On branch master
Your branch is ahead of 'origin/master' by 3 commits.
  (use "git push" to publish your local commits)
nothing to commit, working directory clean

When I do 'git pull' it says nothing, just nothing, not even "Already up-to-date.' Just silence.

I found some tips to get trace output from git on StackOverflow ( and got this:

+ git pull -v -v
16:40:17.258226 trace.c:318             setup: git_dir: .git
16:40:17.271277 trace.c:319             setup: git_common_dir: .git
16:40:17.271282 trace.c:320             setup: worktree: /cygdrive/c/Users/Thomas/Utveckling/Cgreen/thoni56/cgreen
16:40:17.271286 trace.c:321             setup: cwd: /cygdrive/c/Users/Thomas/Utveckling/Cgreen/thoni56/cgreen
16:40:17.271289 trace.c:322             setup: prefix: (null)
16:40:17.271560 git.c:350               trace: built-in: git 'pull' '-v' '-v'
16:40:17.272731 run-command.c:336       trace: run_command: 'fetch' '--update-head-ok' '-v' '-v'
16:40:17.276335 exec_cmd.c:120          trace: exec: 'git' 'fetch' '--update-head-ok' '-v' '-v'
16:40:17.290029 trace.c:420             performance: 0.034970485 s: git command: 'git' 'pull' '-v' '-v'

In an environment where git works (Git bash on Mingw64 with git v2.6.3, though) as it should, this is what I get:

+ git pull -v -v
16:43:11.932389 trace.c:319             setup: git_dir: .git
16:43:11.932890 trace.c:320             setup: git_common_dir: .git
16:43:11.932890 trace.c:321             setup: worktree: C:/Users/Thomas/Utveckling/mingw64/cgreen
16:43:11.932890 trace.c:322             setup: cwd: C:/Users/Thomas/Utveckling/mingw64/cgreen
16:43:11.932890 trace.c:323             setup: prefix: (null)
16:43:11.933391 git.c:348               trace: built-in: git 'pull' '-v' '-v'
16:43:11.933891 run-command.c:343       trace: run_command: 'fetch' '--update-head-ok' '-v' '-v'
16:43:11.947439 trace.c:319             setup: git_dir: .git
16:43:11.947940 trace.c:320             setup: git_common_dir: .git
16:43:11.947940 trace.c:321             setup: worktree: C:/Users/Thomas/Utveckling/mingw64/cgreen
16:43:11.947940 trace.c:322             setup: cwd: C:/Users/Thomas/Utveckling/mingw64/cgreen
16:43:11.947940 trace.c:323             setup: prefix: (null)
16:43:11.947940 git.c:348               trace: built-in: git 'fetch' '--update-head-ok' '-v' '-v'
16:43:11.949443 run-command.c:343       trace: run_command: 'ssh' '' 'git-upload-pack '\''thoni56/cgreen.git'\'''
16:43:13.514468 pkt-line.c:74           packet:        fetch< 06543ac1ff0c4aef9187eb1ad9c4e1a9059d51ad HEAD\0multi_ack thin-pack side-band side-band-64k ofs-delta shallow no-progress include-tag multi_ack_detailed symref=HEAD:refs/heads/master agent=git/2:2.6.5~dgit-checksum-v5-1484-gfc2423c
16:43:13.514978 pkt-line.c:74           packet:        fetch< 06543ac1ff0c4aef9187eb1ad9c4e1a9059d51ad refs/heads/master
16:43:13.514978 pkt-line.c:74           packet:        fetch< dfb4e8922f13843d871a324286f3301a96ca74de refs/heads/move_blocked_pipe_to_failure_messages
16:43:13.514978 pkt-line.c:74           packet:        fetch< 60c270419e917d4b364f1df61dff54dbcfb01972 refs/heads/reportinginfo
16:43:13.514978 pkt-line.c:74           packet:        fetch< 0000
16:43:13.515474 run-command.c:343       trace: run_command: 'rev-list' '--objects' '--stdin' '--not' '--all' '--quiet'
16:43:13.570750 run-command.c:343       trace: run_command: 'rev-list' '--objects' '--stdin' '--not' '--all'
16:43:13.586365 trace.c:319             setup: git_dir: .git
16:43:13.586866 trace.c:320             setup: git_common_dir: .git
16:43:13.586866 trace.c:321             setup: worktree: C:/Users/Thomas/Utveckling/mingw64/cgreen
16:43:13.586866 trace.c:322             setup: cwd: C:/Users/Thomas/Utveckling/mingw64/cgreen
16:43:13.586866 trace.c:323             setup: prefix: (null)
16:43:13.586866 git.c:348               trace: built-in: git 'rev-list' '--objects' '--stdin' '--not' '--all'
16:43:13.587867 sha1_file.c:2257        .git/objects/pack/pack-04aa251443809e3b2ac3c26e78ccdc0946f8316b.pack 40352
16:43:13.588368 sha1_file.c:2257        .git/objects/pack/pack-126d6aa19ed6417a6ef276f05eaf2954826bfbf2.pack 1739368
16:43:13.588368 sha1_file.c:2257        .git/objects/pack/pack-126d6aa19ed6417a6ef276f05eaf2954826bfbf2.pack 1740052
16:43:13.588869 sha1_file.c:2257        .git/objects/pack/pack-126d6aa19ed6417a6ef276f05eaf2954826bfbf2.pack 1808207
16:43:13.588869 sha1_file.c:2257        .git/objects/pack/pack-126d6aa19ed6417a6ef276f05eaf2954826bfbf2.pack 1807135
16:43:13.589370 sha1_file.c:2257        .git/objects/pack/pack-126d6aa19ed6417a6ef276f05eaf2954826bfbf2.pack 1806913
16:43:13.589370 sha1_file.c:2257        .git/objects/pack/pack-04aa251443809e3b2ac3c26e78ccdc0946f8316b.pack 40577
16:43:13.589370 sha1_file.c:2257        .git/objects/pack/pack-04aa251443809e3b2ac3c26e78ccdc0946f8316b.pack 40777
16:43:13.589370 sha1_file.c:2257        .git/objects/pack/pack-04aa251443809e3b2ac3c26e78ccdc0946f8316b.pack 41642
16:43:13.589370 sha1_file.c:2257        .git/objects/pack/pack-04aa251443809e3b2ac3c26e78ccdc0946f8316b.pack 40992
16:43:13.589370 trace.c:421             performance: 0.004140229 s: git command: 'C:\Program Files\Git\mingw64\libexec\git-core\git.exe' 'rev-list' '--objects' '--stdin' '--not' '--all'
16:43:13.591373 sha1_file.c:2257        .git/objects/pack/pack-04aa251443809e3b2ac3c26e78ccdc0946f8316b.pack 40352
 = [up to date]      master     -> origin/master
16:43:13.592143 sha1_file.c:2257        .git/objects/pack/pack-126d6aa19ed6417a6ef276f05eaf2954826bfbf2.pack 1739368
16:43:13.592143 sha1_file.c:2257        .git/objects/pack/pack-126d6aa19ed6417a6ef276f05eaf2954826bfbf2.pack 1740052
 = [up to date]      move_blocked_pipe_to_failure_messages -> origin/move_blocked_pipe_to_failure_messages
 = [up to date]      reportinginfo -> origin/reportinginfo
16:43:13.594174 pkt-line.c:74           packet:        fetch> 0000
16:43:13.781016 run-command.c:343       trace: run_command: 'gc' '--auto'
16:43:13.822155 trace.c:319             setup: git_dir: .git
16:43:13.822658 trace.c:320             setup: git_common_dir: .git
16:43:13.822658 trace.c:321             setup: worktree: C:/Users/Thomas/Utveckling/mingw64/cgreen
16:43:13.822658 trace.c:322             setup: cwd: C:/Users/Thomas/Utveckling/mingw64/cgreen
16:43:13.822658 trace.c:323             setup: prefix: (null)
16:43:13.822658 git.c:348               trace: built-in: git 'gc' '--auto'
16:43:13.823660 trace.c:421             performance: 0.003566457 s: git command: 'C:\Program Files\Git\mingw64\libexec\git-core\git.exe' 'gc' '--auto'
16:43:13.825645 trace.c:421             performance: 1.879274998 s: git command: 'C:\Program Files\Git\mingw64\libexec\git-core\git.exe' 'fetch' '--update-head-ok' '-v' '-v'
16:43:13.828230 run-command.c:343       trace: run_command: 'merge' '-v' '-v' 'FETCH_HEAD'
16:43:13.847982 trace.c:319             setup: git_dir: .git
16:43:13.847982 trace.c:320             setup: git_common_dir: .git
16:43:13.847982 trace.c:321             setup: worktree: C:/Users/Thomas/Utveckling/mingw64/cgreen
16:43:13.847982 trace.c:322             setup: cwd: C:/Users/Thomas/Utveckling/mingw64/cgreen
16:43:13.847982 trace.c:323             setup: prefix: (null)
16:43:13.848482 git.c:348               trace: built-in: git 'merge' '-v' '-v' 'FETCH_HEAD'
16:43:13.849484 sha1_file.c:2257        .git/objects/pack/pack-04aa251443809e3b2ac3c26e78ccdc0946f8316b.pack 40352
16:43:13.850486 sha1_file.c:2257        .git/objects/pack/pack-04aa251443809e3b2ac3c26e78ccdc0946f8316b.pack 40352
Already up-to-date.
16:43:13.851484 trace.c:421             performance: 0.005273719 s: git command: 'C:\Program Files\Git\mingw64\libexec\git-core\git.exe' 'merge' '-v' '-v' 'FETCH_HEAD'
16:43:13.852976 trace.c:421             performance: 1.921688702 s: git command: 'C:\Program Files\Git\mingw64\bin\git.exe' 'pull' '-v' '-v'

The failing git only gets to the built-in fetch, and instead of finding the git-dir and connecting with ssh it just stops.

I have confirmed the ssh authorisation and it works (Github):

$ ssh
PTY allocation request failed on channel 0
Hi thoni56! You've successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access.
Connection to closed.

Thinking it might be a problem with the local repository I tried to clone my repo and got:

Cloning into 'cgreen'...
remote: Counting objects: 7389, done.
fatal: index-pack failedcts:   7% (10/137)

With all the tracing on this is what I get:

+ git clone -v -v
17:04:33.404315 git.c:350               trace: built-in: git 'clone' '' '-v' '-v'
Cloning into 'cgreen'...
17:04:33.449784 run-command.c:336       trace: run_command: 'ssh' '' 'git-upload-pack '\''thoni56/cgreen.git'\'''
17:04:35.013090 pkt-line.c:80           packet:        clone< 06543ac1ff0c4aef9187eb1ad9c4e1a9059d51ad HEAD\0multi_ack thin-pack side-band side-band-64k ofs-delta shallow no-progress include-tag multi_ack_detailed symref=HEAD:refs/heads/master agent=git/2:2.6.5~dgit-checksum-v5-1484-gfc2423c
17:04:35.013161 pkt-line.c:80           packet:        clone< 06543ac1ff0c4aef9187eb1ad9c4e1a9059d51ad refs/heads/master
17:04:35.013188 pkt-line.c:80           packet:        clone< dfb4e8922f13843d871a324286f3301a96ca74de refs/heads/move_blocked_pipe_to_failure_messages
17:04:35.013212 pkt-line.c:80           packet:        clone< 60c270419e917d4b364f1df61dff54dbcfb01972 refs/heads/reportinginfo
17:04:35.013250 pkt-line.c:80           packet:        clone< 0000
17:04:35.022570 shallow.c:313           shallow: prepare_shallow_info
Server supports multi_ack_detailed
Server supports side-band-64k
Server supports ofs-delta
Server version is git/2:2.6.5~dgit-checksum-v5-1484-gfc2423c
want 06543ac1ff0c4aef9187eb1ad9c4e1a9059d51ad (HEAD)
want 06543ac1ff0c4aef9187eb1ad9c4e1a9059d51ad (refs/heads/master)
want dfb4e8922f13843d871a324286f3301a96ca74de (refs/heads/move_blocked_pipe_to_failure_messages)
want 60c270419e917d4b364f1df61dff54dbcfb01972 (refs/heads/reportinginfo)
17:04:35.028843 pkt-line.c:80           packet:        clone> want 06543ac1ff0c4aef9187eb1ad9c4e1a9059d51ad multi_ack_detailed side-band-64k thin-pack ofs-delta agent=git/2.8.3
17:04:35.028874 pkt-line.c:80           packet:        clone> want 06543ac1ff0c4aef9187eb1ad9c4e1a9059d51ad
17:04:35.028892 pkt-line.c:80           packet:        clone> want dfb4e8922f13843d871a324286f3301a96ca74de
17:04:35.028907 pkt-line.c:80           packet:        clone> want 60c270419e917d4b364f1df61dff54dbcfb01972
17:04:35.028921 pkt-line.c:80           packet:        clone> 0000
17:04:35.028953 pkt-line.c:80           packet:        clone> done
17:04:35.159547 pkt-line.c:80           packet:        clone< NAK
17:04:35.166142 pkt-line.c:80           packet:     sideband< \2Counting objects: 7389, done.
remote: Counting objects: 7389, done.
17:04:35.166204 pkt-line.c:80           packet:     sideband< \2Compressing objects:   0% (1/137)   \15Compressing objects:   1% (2/137)   \15
17:04:35.166246 pkt-line.c:80           packet:     sideband< \2Compressing objects:   2% (3/137)   \15
17:04:35.166277 pkt-line.c:80           packet:     sideband< \2Compressing objects:   3% (5/137)   \15
17:04:35.166310 pkt-line.c:80           packet:     sideband< \2Compressing objects:   4% (6/137)   \15
17:04:35.166341 pkt-line.c:80           packet:     sideband< \2Compressing objects:   5% (7/137)   \15
17:04:35.172955 run-command.c:336       trace: run_command: 'index-pack' '--stdin' '-v' '--fix-thin' '--keep=fetch-pack 5312 on thoni64' '--check-self-contained-and-connected'
17:04:35.185289 exec_cmd.c:120          trace: exec: 'git' 'index-pack' '--stdin' '-v' '--fix-thin' '--keep=fetch-pack 5312 on thoni64' '--check-self-contained-and-connected'
fatal: index-pack failed
17:04:35.222027 trace.c:420             performance: 1.819476317 s: git command: 'git' 'clone' '' '-v' '-v'

Again, git just seems to fail suddenly with no output.

Most other things (like compiling) in cygwin seems to be working fine.

I've attached a cygcheck.out.


Thomas Nilsson skrev:

Fixed this with a clean install of Cygwin.


Thomas Nilsson skrev:
Suddenly git is acting up on me. I have a number of local repos from
various sources (GitHub, bitbucket, ...) and since a day or two I can't
push or pull from any of them. Can't even clone fresh repositories.

Mostly I get 'fatal: unpack-objects failed', but also 'index-pack
failed'. And sometimes just nothing, like an abort without any output,

> Thomas@thoni64 ~
> $ git clone
> Klonar till "cgreen"...
> Thomas@thoni64 ~
> $

I've tried running in administrator mode but no difference. I can
successfully clone the repos from Linux and Darwin so I'm pretty certain
the problem lies in cygwin git (or something else cygwin... or

My cygwin git is 2.8.3-1 but reverting to 2.8.2-1 did not help.
Everything else is up-to-date, windows is Version 1511 10586.420.

Has anyone seen this before? Any pointers? Removing and reinstalling

Any pointers appreciated!


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