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Re: Mintty 2.4.0 and Deja Vu Sans Mono 2.35: issue with bold

On Jul 12, 2016, at 9:09 AM, Henry S. Thompson <> wrote:
> Much easier:
>> export PS1='\[\033[1m\]\h\[\033[0m\]<\!>:'
> and your machine name should be bold.

That is indeed what I see.

> But I have a further (bizarre) observation: This problem is
> size and/or resolution-related:
>       Show bold as font
>       On            Off
> Size
> 8pt   Works         Doesn't work
> 12pt   Doesn't work  Doesn't work

The screenshot I posted was 12pt.  Bold and Book weights are clearly distinguished.

I will concede that there does seem to be some kind of size dependence, as the difference is less clear at 72pt, though I could not say that the difference “vanishes.”

It isn’t specific to Deja Vu, either, as the same thing happens with Lucida Console and Consolas.

That said, if you create a Wordpad document with the same faces, sizes, and weights, bold is more clearly distinguished at high point sizes.

So, perhaps MinTTY is indeed using some kind of faux bold here.
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