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Re: Repairing permissions after windows reinstall

On Jul  4 06:27, Andrey Repin wrote:
> Greetings, Henry S. Thompson!
> > Andrey Repin writes:
> >> Greetings, Henry S. Thompson!
> >>
> >>> Good news: My cygwin file tree survived a Windows (10) reinstall
> >>> Not-so-good news: I have a new SID, so not only do I not own those files
> >>> any more (that's easily fixed), but I don't have the permissions I
> >>> should, because they are now held by some miscellaneous old SID.
> >>
> >> So, what? Go to top directory properties, Advanced, Owner tab, Change, and
> >> change the owner to what is desired.
> > Much to glib an answer.  Changing the owner is the _last_ thing you want
> > to do after (programmatically) changing a bunch of ACLs.
> Much like in POSIX, ACL and ownership are not directly dependent one on
> another in Windows.

Bzz.  POSIX ACLs maintain the concept of owner ACE and group ACE.  They
*are* distinguished from the ACEs of other users and groups in an ACL.
The fact that Windows ACLs don't do that is a real downside.  Not a bug
per se, but ugly.


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